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Project Management

 At Pro Edge Developments, we use proven management techniques to allocate materials and coordinate crew throughout the life of your project. Our goal is to control cost, quality and scope so that your project finishes within budget and on schedule. Our project management services are tailored to your needs and comprise all phases of the project from concept through completion.

As a part of our Project Delivery Process, we efficiently manage every aspect of your construction project to meet the project objectives. The ability to plan, schedule, organize and execute construction projects from start to finish requires years of experience. We have 15+ years of expertise with high-quality craftsmanship and accuracy. 

Our expertise to develop and implement quality control programs and plan milestones will help you set expectations ahead of time. We will maintain active communication with all the stakeholders to minimize unexpected onsite issues and errors. For 15+ years, we have thoroughly tested our construction methodologies enabling us to allocate resources, lower cost and complete your project on time.

Project LifeCycle
Our Project Management Processes

All our projects undergo the following 5 major phases. These construction project management phases will help you understand our processes and set up the expectation of our services. 

At this phase, we will meet with you to learn about your project needs and requirements. We gather ideas and research to determine the scope and cost of your project. Next, we will define the project objectives and deliverables. If your project requires specifically skilled workers, we will hire them at this stage. We also analyze any opportunities or problems that the project might encounter along the way. We will define the solutions and share it with you.

This is the most crucial step in the construction project management industry. If the wrong need is addressed, it can create significant chances for mistakes and waste. Our project managers have years of experience setting up clear objectives to ensure the project’s objectives are realistic and achievable. At Pro Edge Developments, we set up objectives in such a way that all your needs are addressed properly and the workers demonstrate their willingness to complete the task within the project scope.

Once the scope and cost of the project are determined, we move into the next phase of our project management process. At this stage, the project is approved and a plan is formulated. All the steps required to complete the project are outlined so the project stakeholders have the idea of what will go into a project and how they can mitigate risk. Anticipating all the issues at this phase will save time and money during the execution phase.

A well-written plan maps out the entire project and aligns it with the project objectives. It shows how your construction project will be controlled and executed. Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Scope Documentation, Risk Management Plan are some of the examples of documentation that we use in the planning phase.

A well laid out plan enables our project manager to maximize the efficiency of your resources by providing the best materials, equipment and labour in the market. The focus of our construction management plan is to manage cost, time, quality and safety of the entire project.

This is where the actual construction takes place. Our experienced team members will build the project deliverables and work through it. You will be actively involved in this process to approve the output of our construction team. It is the longest phase and consumes most of the resources. We continuously monitor and control the project outputs and facilitate communication between you and the workers. The goal of this phase is to deliver the output as planned and per the agreed specifications.

At Pro Edge Developments we ensure that the deliverables are of the agreed quality and they meet the defined goals & objectives. If any changes are required we will address them at this stage. Once you accept the deliverables and deemed each deliverable is satisfactory we move on to the next phase.

Project control is the measure we use to continuously track and monitor the progress of your project. If any adjustments are required, we will consult with you to keep the project on track. We will select relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track cost, quality and time. These KPIs will help us to monitor any variations in the project. We will also evaluate any risks that might alter the outcome of your project. We will furthermore assess any potential project issues, threats and opportunities. If we found any deviation from the original project goal, we will correct them at this phase.

Throughout years of experience, we have realized that project performance can be significantly improved if project control systems are in place. Therefore project controls are central to effective execution as it helps reduce capital cost and manage risks. Therefore frequently monitoring the overall progress (of your project) will help our team to track down any pending matters and address them properly.

At this last phase of the project life cycle, we will go through all the deliverables and deliver the final output as per your satisfaction. Quality management enables us to learn from the current project and make adjustments to improve the next project. Therefore after every project is completed we internally evaluate our performance to make improvements in the future. Many years of such evaluation and improvements have helped us to tackle many construction-related issues and identify innovative solutions.

We will thoroughly document all the project outcomes and share them with other stakeholders to inform, if the final product meets the objectives, the project set out to accomplish.

Our goal is to sustain improved relationships with our customers. All our customers get opportunities to express their satisfaction and provide feedback at the end of their construction project.

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