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Concrete Services

Looking for the best concrete contractors in Vancouver?

At Pro Edge Developments, we offer both commercial and residential concrete services in your area. We offer high-quality concrete services at a very competitive price. Whether you need an architectural formwork, wall & water features for your new buildings or simply need concrete repair or upgrades, we provide a wide range of concrete services with superior craftsmanship.

Architectural Formwork:

Formwork is a mould where concrete is poured to create architectural structures and designs. We have the experience, resources and background required to design & construct such architectural formwork with utmost precision and strength. Our formwork is guaranteed to withstand and support the weight of the wet concrete without distortion.

Architectural formwork allows us to quickly construct complex concrete structures thus saving you time and money. It also enables us to produce smooth finished surfaces improving the overall quality of the finished structure. We offer leading-edge innovative technology & solutions to form any desired shape and memorable concrete structures. Our rigidly constructed formwork is strong to withstand all types of loads.

Some of the most commonly used formwork materials are timber and plywood. Timber formwork also known as lumber formwork is cheaper than steel formwork. Timber is lightweight and carving any aesthetic architectural effects are comparatively easy to achieve. With our background in carpentry, timber offers the best onsite fabrication option to develop any shape and size. Plywood formwork is used for decking, sheathing and forming linings.

We are experienced in circular construction, post-and-beam construction, house lifts, relocations, curved concrete structures, and insulated concrete forming systems.

Our expertise includes,

  • Ceiling formwork
  • Foundation formwork
  • Wall formwork
  • Beam & Column Formwork

Based on your project’s complexity, we will help you choose the best formwork to create your desired structural shape.

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Foundation, Slab & Footing:

As a leading foundation contractor in Metro Vancouver, we are fully equipped with expertise and manpower to install and repair foundations, slabs, retaining walls, decks, tilt wall panels, elevated slab, grade beams and basements. We have completed some of the complex residential and commercial masonry projects with a strong commitment to quality and excellence.

Whether you need to dig trenches on the outer perimeter for creating footings to the slab, prevent the slab from cracking using rebar, spread gravel or pour concrete, we will respond to all your foundation repair concerns in a timely and professional manner.

Footings are a crucial part of the foundation structure. Our experts assess the soil and bearing capacities to determine the best solution and dimensions based on your project’s requirements.

When the soil underneath your house expand and contract, it causes building foundation to crack and shift under the pressure. Some of the factors that cause foundation problems are soil temperature fluctuations, extreme weather conditions, rapid evaporation, plumbing leaks, draining problems, faulty foundation construction, inferior ground preparation and poor soil conditions. At Pro Edge Developments our goal is to build a solid foundation ensuring the safety of our clients, their family and investment.

If you need to build a new foundation or inspect and evaluate your existing foundation, call us today for a free quote (778) 386 – 2102

Concrete Contractors:

If you are looking for a dependable and best concrete contractors in Vancouver and surrounding areas, Pro Edge Developments offer high quality concrete services for both residential and commercial projects. Our licensed concrete contractors are equipped with the latest technologies in concrete industry and always meet or exceed the building requirements. Some of the concrete services we offered (but not limited to) are

  • Foundations, Slab, Footing
  • Custom forming
  • Stamped concrete
  • Driveways
  • Retaining walls
  • Walkways & sidewalks
  • Patio & Decks
  • Flooring
  • Repairs & upgrades
  • Concrete removal
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